Expedition Awareness

The Expedition Awareness Partnership program is a concept born on the premise of “Strength in Numbers” and idea that real change through Awareness means utilizing the power of people. 

Becoming an Awareness Partner is a simple and effective way of taking your existing adventure a step further.  How?  By simply utilizing the exposure (whatever it may be) and educating those you come in contact with about ALD, we as a team, can reach a more broad audience thereby increasing the awareness footprint. 

An Awareness campaign is only successful if the message reaches a large number of people.  By partnering with Expedition Awareness, you are joining a team of individuals dedicated to the prospect of ridding the world of a terminal childhood disease.  You will be giving hope to families who are unable to share their story outside their day-to-day lives.

For many faced with the prospect of losing a child to ALD, there is no hope out there for their son other than  what we can create working together.

Consider taking a small step, as your adventure unfolds whether it be by land, sea, or air to eradicating ALD.

Awareness Partners
Awareness Partners
Tom and Matt
CDR - 2011
Become an Awareness Partner
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The Southern Crossing
Trans Australia - 2012
RTW - 2008 to present