Expedition Awareness
Expedition Awareness  is dedicated to making Adrenoleukodystrophy (featured in “Lorenzo’s Oil”) - a terminal disease affecting 1 in 17,900 boys - a household name, not an obscure disease no one has heard of.  To do this, we have undertaken the first multi-phase overland expedition of its kind dedicated to eradicating a childhood disease.  

ALD is a monster for which there is no viable treatment and certainly no cure.  My 2 year old son has this disease - so the mission is personal.  

Join us as we travel spreading ALD Awareness everywhere we go. 

My name is Phil Golden.  Welcome to our fight.
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Why do this?  

Brooks’ Story
Diagnosed 2010

Sawyer’s Story
Diagnosed 2002

Dalton’s Story
Diagnosed 2008 Brooks.htmlSawyer.htmlDalton.html
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Arkansas Trans-America Trail - Father and Son - 2015
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